Revolutionary Labels Propel by THEDifference Music Group: A Fresh Beat in the Industry
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Revolutionary Labels Propel by THEDifference Music Group: A Fresh Beat in the Industry

Founder of THEDifference, Martin Urraburu

New York’s music scene is experiencing a dynamic rejuvenation with the inception of innovative record labels by THEDifference Music Group. Introducing Die Tryin’ Records, based in Brooklyn, and Del Bloque Recordings, with its main offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, THEDifference is enhancing the music industry’s vibrancy. The labels strive to be havens for musicians in the landscape, proposing comprehensive recording and promotional agreements customized to each artist’s distinctive flair and origins.

Die Tryin’ Records is immersed in the diverse sounds of hip-hop and rap, ardently working to elevate talents in these domains, whereas Del Bloque Recordings, a new extension of THEDifference, specializes in the infectious rhythms of Reggaeton and Latin Hip-Hop.

A burgeoning artist, PariahOcean, signed to the label, is creating ripples with his eclectic musical mix and is poised for the release of his upcoming album, “No Cheat Code,” featuring substantial partnerships, including a collaboration with Vevo Music Videos for the track, “UFO.” This signifies a period of growth for Die Tryin’ Records, persisting in their mission to collaborate with diverse artists and bands.

THEDifference forms mutually beneficial alliances with artists, liaising with initiatives like “Shoot For the Stars” and “Love Life,” and partnering with media powerhouses such as IHeart Radio and Vevo Music Videos. This ambitious project endeavors not only to cultivate a spectrum of music genres like Hip Hop, Rap, and Reggaeton/Latin Hip Hop but also to honor the diverse auditory expressions within them.

Founder Martin Urraburu is driven by a resilient mission to support artists who have encountered adversities and prejudice. He aspires “to grant emerging artists a pathway to success” and champions societal changes to broaden horizons for artists. With a favorable 90%-10% royalty distribution leaning towards the artists in the initial year, THEDifference is undoubtedly pioneering change.

Die Tryin’, originating from Brooklyn, is committed to discovering and promoting urban talents, providing them a stage to shine. It honors the iconic rapper, Pop Smoke (Bashar Jackson), and aligns with his values of granting artists a fair opportunity to display their crafts.

Urraburu’s approach deviates from traditional record labels by guaranteeing artists a substantial portion of their royalties in the first year and promising expansive promotional backing on prominent music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. This also involves exclusive radio promotion through alliances with notable stations including HOT 97, HITS 973, and 979 THE BOX.

In 2023, Die Tryin’ Records was established and shortly thereafter, Martin Urraburu received recognition when he was privately selected for an interview with Forbes Under 30 Local Lists 2023, reflecting the label’s vision to be a luminous presence for Hip-hop artists and to advocate equality within the multifaceted music realm.

Del Bloque Recordings, its counterpart, focuses on nurturing artists from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them renewed prospects in the Latin music domain.

After aligning with Martin and Die Tryin’ Records, PariahOcean underscores the cruciality of resilience and belief in chasing musical aspirations. His evolution, marked by engagements with industry icons like Rick Ross and DJ Drewski, accentuates the transformative power of such partnerships.

Musical artist, PariahOcean, promoting newest album, “No Cheat Code


THEDifference, orchestrated by CEO Martin Urraburu, is the parent entity of Die Tryin’ Records and Del Bloque Recordings. Its formation is a manifestation of the demand for fair platforms for emerging talents, regardless of their backgrounds. PariahOcean is among the represented upcoming artists, symbolizing the variety and creativity that the company endorses.

For additional information on Die Tryin’ Records and Del Bloque Recordings, reach out to Martin Urraburu at and follow PariahOcean’s Instagram for updates on his new music releases.