Brooklyn Michelle’s Playful Liberation in “They Don’t Get It”
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Brooklyn Michelle’s Playful Liberation in “They Don’t Get It”

In the intricate tapestry of the music world, artists often rise to the top through a perfect blend of raw talent, authentic voice, and sheer determination. One such gem, Brooklyn Michelle, is making waves in the industry with her multifaceted talent and captivating essence. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, this 26-year-old prodigy is a music producer, video producer, sound engineer, and painting artist, proving she’s no stranger to the hustle of creating a masterpiece from scratch.

Her latest release, “They Don’t Get It feat. Jitta On The Track,” is an epitome of her evolving sound—a delightful cocktail of Alternative Pop and R&B. If you’ve ever vibed to the grooves of Dua Lipa mixed with the essence of Anderson Paak, Brooklyn’s new track might just be your next favorite jam. But what truly distinguishes this track from others in her repertoire is the story it tells and the emotions it channels. It’s about the cathartic realization that not everyone will understand your pain and, quite frankly, they don’t have to. There’s a liberation in realizing that people’s opinions and stories about you are just that—their stories.

The song showcases not only her journey but also her roots. It’s nostalgic, it’s playful, and it’s home. Speaking of home, the music video for “They Don’t Get It” was largely shot at her grandma’s farm, which adds a layer of personal touch to the entire project. A stand-out lyric from the song, “block everybody but my redneck mama. Came from the dirt now she yeehawin’”, becomes a central theme of the video, connecting the present-day Brooklyn to her past, to her roots, and to the very soil her mother emerged from.

The production of the music video is another testament to Brooklyn’s creativity and resourcefulness. With Jitta On The Track, the featuring artist, based in LA, the team employed innovative green screen techniques to seamlessly blend the two artists’ scenes. The whole video is a brainchild of a collaborative effort between Brooklyn’s production company, ‘Waffledog Productions,’ and her videographer, Trent Owens’ company, ‘PSDNYM Films’.

In the age of rapid content creation, Brooklyn Michelle stands out, not just because of her multiple talents but because of her authenticity. Every beat, every lyric, every scene in her music video emanates raw emotions, making her audience not just listeners, but participants in her story. Her newest release, “They Don’t Get It,” is a testament to that—a song that resonates with the soul and reminds us all of the freeing feeling of self-acceptance. If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that Brooklyn Michelle is not just here to stay, but she’s here to leave an indelible mark.