Recording Artist Adom Looks to Keep Hot Streak Going with New Single “FLOWER”
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Recording Artist Adom Looks to Keep Hot Streak Going with New Single “FLOWER”

Recording artist Adom has been gaining massive attention in the last few months with a hot-streak of new singles. When we first met with Adom, he had just released his single “FAME” (check out that interview here) and was fresh off of his gig as a lead writer/producer for BOSTON. Since then, Adom has enjoyed viral success with nearly 10 million views on YouTube and airtime on MTV. Fans have grown to love his unique and diverse musical sound that is not defined by any genre. With “Flower”, Adom takes a step away from the rock and electronic styles of his previous singles, to create a melancholy, colorful, and upbeat track that is sure to bring a smile to your face. A pure pop/R&B track, this song is guaranteed to take over the airways in the upcoming weeks and months.

Following his viral rise into the industry spotlight over the last few months, Idols 2 Rivals was able to catch up with Adom again to talk about his new single “FLOWER”! Check out our exclusive interview below.

Idols 2 Rivacls (I2R): Welcome back, Adom. What have you been up to since we spoke to you last? Tell us about your new project, “Flower”?

Adom: I’ve been working consistently in the studio and running my independent label, releasing one at a time with a music video; flower was up next. It’s a positive, happy feel good song that is very radio friendly.

I2R: Last time you mentioned that your best song hadn’t been released yet. Do you think “Flower” could be your best song?

Adom: I’m not sure because I genuinely love all my music. They are like children ready to leave the nest.

I2R: What was your process of bringing it to life?

Adom: I had to dig deep in a time where all of us have went through a lot in the past few years. So this song uplifted me and I’m hopeful it does to the fans as well.

I2R: Can you tell me about some of that music you grew up with and how it influenced the music that you’re making now?

Adom: I grew up in a very diverse household, my father, being the lead singer of Boston i was around a lot of classic rock, but also I enjoyed pop acts R&B, and a lot of Johnny Cash! I think 80s Pop is some of the best music still. A lot of great artist like the weekend simulate that. Hi. As an artist I get inspiration from that type of music.

I2R: You said you would most likely be a chef if it weren’t for music. Any musician, living or dead, who would you invite over for dinner?

Adom: Johnny Cash.

I2R: One album that always reminds you of home? — whatever that means to you.

Adom: Massive Attack- Mezzanine. If you’re a fan of this group, check out my latest track “Tonight.” That album puts me in another dimension and balances my anxiety.

I2R: What are you listening to right now?

Adom: I’m listening, walking and watching Flower and  as we speak it’s 60 and sunny!

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