MYRY’s Musical Resilience: The Silver Lining of Artistry
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MYRY’s Musical Resilience: The Silver Lining of Artistry

London-based singer-songwriter MYRY, known for her soulful melodies and deep lyrics, unveils her new single “Silver Linings” today. This composition, available on major streaming platforms, melds electronic vibes with gentle piano, intimate vocals, and harmonies reminiscent of Oh Wonder.

“Silver Linings” delves into the human spirit’s resilience, encouraging us to find hope and joy even in tough times. The song speaks to our capacity to see the positive side in challenging situations and stresses the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in personal growth.

Raised across Belgium, Italy, and the UK, MYRY’s multicultural upbringing gives her music a unique flavor. Merging alt pop, indie, and electronic elements, her style is influenced by artists ranging from Bon Iver and Radiohead to Florence + The Machine and Glass Animals.

MYRY, who debuted in 2020 with “Ghosts”, a track lauded by BBC Introducing, has consistently mesmerized listeners. Partnering with renowned producer James Kenosha, her music exudes quality and depth. She further stands out due to her experience as a part-time medical doctor, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. This dual identity adds a layer of empathy and depth to her songwriting.

After a brief hiatus during the pandemic, MYRY returned with “Born Tired”, praised by Wonderland Magazine for its ethereal sound and honest lyrics. “Silver Linings” marks a significant step in her musical evolution, offering listeners a deep and relatable reflection on life’s ups and downs. Her growth as an artist is evident, showcasing her willingness to explore deep emotions and share them with her audience.