From Bon Jovi Sparks to Cinematic Soundscapes: An Intimate Session with KOUSS
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From Bon Jovi Sparks to Cinematic Soundscapes: An Intimate Session with KOUSS

In the vast landscape of modern music, few artists capture the heart and soul of their listeners like KOUSS. From the nostalgic undertones of tracks like “Can’t Go Back” to the immersive atmospheres he builds in his upcoming projects, KOUSS represents the evolution of electronica, seasoned with a touch of earthy undertones. We sat down with him to journey through the moments that ignited his passion, dive deep into his creative sanctum, and get a glimpse of what the future holds. This is an intimate session with KOUSS, an artist whose cinematic soundscapes invite us into his world.

BS: Can you pinpoint a specific moment or experience that ignited your passion for music?

KOUSS: Seeing Bon Jovi perform live as a child definitely sparked my passion for music. Their catchy songs, energy, and showmanship inspired me to get into music.

BS: What’s the meaning of your track “Can’t Go Back?

KOUSS: “Can’t Go Back” is about treasuring fleeting moments and accepting the inability to return to the past. It also represents being your true self and just sort of letting go.

BS: Can you walk us through the story or emotions behind ‘Can’t Go Back’?

KOUSS: The song explores the emotions of nostalgia, longing, gratitude, and realizing you can’t relive the past. Some of the themes might appear bitter-sweet on the surface, but it’s really about having a healthy mindset as you navigate through this beautiful and complicated life.

BS: If you had to capture the essence of your music in a few words, how would you portray it?

KOUSS: I would describe my music as cinematic, uplifting, and emotionally resonant. My goal is to allow listeners to escape and get lost in these little immersive musical worlds I’m building.

BS: Could you give us a glimpse into the intricacies of your creative process?

KOUSS: My creative process is continually evolving. I love experimenting with interesting sounds and rhythms before I begin recording the first note. I’m all about building a vibe and then channeling those emotions into melodies and, eventually full arrangements. Sometimes, I start a song with drums or piano, sometimes I’ll have a hook to build around. It really depends on the song. One rule of thumb is to just let my imagination run as freely as possible. The fewer guard rails, the better.

BS: Is there an artist, past or present, with whom you feel a musical collaboration would be transformative?

KOUSS: Collaborating with Illenium would be incredible. Our shared aesthetic for cinematic electronica would lead to something pretty heavy and genre-bending. I’d also love to play drums on a Calvin Harris record because his tunes groove harder than anyone’s.

BS: Which artist’s audience do you believe would deeply resonate with your music if you were to open for them?

KOUSS: I think my music would deeply resonate with ODESZA’s and Zedd’s audience. We share aesthetics of lush electronica with earthy/live undertones. My set would complement their vibe.

BS: If you could share a heartfelt message with your fans, what sentiment would you want to convey?

KOUSS: I want to convey my sincere gratitude to anyone supporting my musical journey. I’ve been doing this long enough how much time and effort goes into supporting artists. Knowing my music resonates makes everything worthwhile.

BS: In a world without your music career, where do you imagine your creative energies would be channeled?

KOUSS: Without music, I imagine directing my creativity towards the culinary arts. I love cooking and exploring food and dining cultures. The culinary medium intrigues me as much as music.

BS: How do you think the digital age has reshaped both the opportunities and challenges for artists like yourself?

KOUSS: The digital age has created amazing opportunities for exposure. The ability to record high radio quality records from your bedroom, distribute from your bedroom, and then create and put content out into the world that can really move the need is incredible. It, of course, has created numerous challenges, such as an over-saturation of new music. I aim to focus on the positive and leverage any and all opportunities that the modern music business provides us.

BS: What is your favorite song to perform?

KOUSS: If I’m going to be honest, playing live drums on next single “Never Known Better” is about as good as it gets. It’s an EDM and rock mix, sort of in the style of Illenium. It’s the only song on the upcoming EP that has live drums throughout, so I’ll pick that song. That tune comes out in late October.

BS: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

KOUSS: The best advice I’ve received is never to quit—simple, reliable, effective advice. Also, remain true to yourself. Authenticity resonates.

BS: As you envision the future of your music, are there any exciting projects or directions on the horizon?

KOUSS: I’m excited to my debut EP in early 2024. I’ve also started working on and experimenting with an immersive hybrid live show. The show incorporates live instrumentation, visual elements pulled from the Kouss ecosystem, and a few special guests. I’m beyond stoked.