Jason Henshaw – A Song About Her
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Jason Henshaw – A Song About Her

After moving around most of his life, calling a place “home” for Jason Henshaw isn’t quite that easy. The result of numerous relocations is a deeper understanding of cultures and more importantly… people. He’s an artist, photographer, a student in the Worship Arts Program at Grand Canyon University, and someone who values family. Through hip-hop, he is able to express what inspires and moves him. His goal in music is to create material that has substance; music that you can feel, connect, and relate to. Jason’s hope after experiencing his art is that there is not only musical enjoyment but also self-discovery through it.

Do you remember the first time you tripped over your own tongue trying to find the right way to say hello to that person who caught your eye? Then after those first few awkward moments you realize just how incredible they truly are. Later, after parting, you can’t get them out of your thoughts. The emotions well up and suddenly you wish that you could write… a song about her.

Jason’s single “A Song About Her” releases 10/13 and will be available on all digital platforms! Download it today.

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