Harry Styles – Kiwi (MUSIC VIDEO)

Harry Styles – Kiwi (MUSIC VIDEO)

Harry Styles armed a hoard of superbly dressed children with homemade-looking sweets for his new “Kiwi”video.

The singer is MIA for most of the initial action, as the children yell and stare each other down across a massive pile of baked goods in an empty gymnasium. Chaos ensues when young actress Beau Gadsdon of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story enters the room and slams her cupcake ammunition to the ground. Soon, the sugar is flying, and no one’s immaculately chosen floral suit will make it out of there without a stain.

Gadsdon, at one point, runs out of ammunition and needs to army crawl back from the stockpile in the center of the room. As she undoubtedly smushes crumbs into her outfit, Styles walks through the door holding not more cupcakes, but a puppy. It’s almost as if Styles thought to himself, “How can I make adoring fangirls love me even more? I know. Cupcakes… then Puppies.” The singer sends out a battle cry and a swarm of puppies runs through the door eager to clean up the cake scraps.

The video ends on a shot similar to a class photo, with the children posed still wearing the frosting smears from battle and Styles at the center. Just before the last note hits, Styles smirks and the video cuts to black. See all the drama, below.