GoldenChildd – Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too) (Official Video)

GoldenChildd – Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too) (Official Video)

Rising hip-hop artist Golden Childd is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too)”, along with a new full-length music video! The Dallas, Texas based rapper has worked hard to reach this point in his career. The result of this effort culminates in this emotional and important single. “Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too” is a song that is guaranteed to pick up massive attention in the next few months.

Times have not always been easy for Golden Childd. In August of 2016, the artist was shot 7 times. During the painful process of his recovery however, Golden Childd responded to the challenge with determination and focus. As a result, Golden Childd recorded an interview with Sway Calloway for “Sway in The Morning” from his hospital bed. Golden Childd was determined to show his fans and the world that he wouldn’t stop or be discouraged from success. The reporters at Source Magazine were so amazed by this story that they even featured him in a full-length article. Since recovering, Golden Childd has been driven by this same determination to release multiple new tracks, including the album “#Auxcordmusic2”.

“Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too” builds on the success of Golden Childd’s “#Auxcordmusic2”. The song is an emotional and passionate plea that speaks to the problems in today’s society and the issues it has created in urban culture. On a musical level, the track truly shows off Golden Childd’s unique abilities, as it features both his signature witty flows, as well as some smooth melodies. Together, these vocals are recorded over a soft beat. This forces the listener to really pay attention to what Golden Childd is rapping about, making the single feel even more important. Fans of Golden Childd will be excited to know that in addition to the new single “Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too)”, Golden Childd has also released a full-length video to accompany the track. The video uses clips and images that remind viewers that the struggle for equality and justice has been fought for far too long.

For Golden Childd, the single “Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too)” is more than just another release. It is a truly influential piece of music that will resonate with many listeners. At a point in his career where he is constantly rising and pushing himself forward, it is truly inspiring to see that Golden Childd’s music maintains the same street mentality and consciousness that the artist has always shown us.

“Blm2 (Black Lives Matter Too)” is AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and all other online music stores for download or streaming.

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