Beldon Haigh – Not Taken In (Official Video)

Beldon Haigh – Not Taken In (Official Video)

Beldon Haigh is a distinctive Scottish singer songwriter who sings a mix of ballads and politically inspired protest songs. His brand of pop / rock music blends well-crafted melodies and hooks with great grooves and bass lines powered by the strong musicianship of his band M.O.A.B – the Mother Of All Bands.

Beldon has released five singles so far on the Covfefe Label and unsurprisingly there is a strong anti- Trump vibe in songs like Freedom, Fools Rule and Lose Your Soul. Beldon has also become well known for performing and making video’s using the masks made by world famous mask maker Landon Meier. These incredible masks of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un add a totally different dimension to Beldon’s biting satire and give his proest songs even greater irreverence. In the latest single drummer Vladimir Putin plays characteristically bare chested. It’s an unnerving sight.

Don’t be fooled though, Beldon Haigh is much more than a novelty act. Every single released so far is packed with powerful satire and top drawer musicianship. Not Taken comes from the same stylistic wheelhouse mixing poignant lyricism with delightful guitar hooks, riffs and soloing and Beldon’s trademark big choruses and harmonies.

Not Taken is Beldon Haigh’s fifth single out in the last year and he is attracting increasing radio interest.

No surprise then that Beldon Haigh and his band MOAB (Mother Of All Bands) are playing a live set on BBC Radio’s Jon Holmes show on Saturday the 24th February. If you want to catch up with the band tune in between 10.00am and 1.00pm. Beldon Haigh is available on itunes, Spotify and of course YouTube.

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