Breathing Ghosts: Charting New Territories with “Lines”

Breathing Ghosts: Charting New Territories with “Lines”

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, few acts manage to both capture and expand the auditory experience quite like Breathing Ghosts. The project, a brainchild of multi-instrumentalists Ian Macaulay and Wayne Smith, Jr., began amidst the solitude of the 2020 lockdown. Originally intended as a jazz collaboration, the duo quickly realized that their creative synergy was steering them towards an entirely different musical direction, culminating in their latest release, “Lines”.

Breathing Ghosts is not just a band; it’s a fusion of artistic minds. Both Macaulay and Smith, known for their proficiency in jazz, have taken this opportunity to step beyond the boundaries of genre conventions. Born from a series of remote exchanges during a time when the world stood still, their collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of music. The project allowed them to explore a spectrum of musical influences, from ambient sounds to the intricate patterns of minimalism, without constraint.

“Lines” is an invitation to experience the unseen colors between familiar musical hues. The release is a collection of five tracks, each embodying a distinct blend of styles that define Breathing Ghosts’ sound. From the ambient waves of “I’ll See You Again” to the modern jazz-infused “Release” and “Portland”, the album offers a rich tapestry of sounds. “In This Dream” showcases a minimalist approach reminiscent of Steve Reich, while “Mehdoosa” brings an intense, dark groove that builds to a dramatic crescendo.

This eclectic mix not only showcases the versatility of Macaulay and Smith but also creates a sonic narrative that is both expansive and deeply personal. The tracks collectively touch upon a broad spectrum of influences, including jazz, progressive rock, and ambient music, bridging gaps and creating new sonic landscapes.

With “Lines” now captivating listeners, Breathing Ghosts is already hinting at a future release titled “Spaces”. Given the innovative nature of their current work, the upcoming set promises to further explore the interstitial sounds between genres, perhaps delving even deeper into the ether of musical creativity.

Breathing Ghosts represents a fascinating evolution in the world of music, where genres meld and new experiences are forged through the fires of collaboration and innovation. “Lines” is not just an album; it’s a journey through the auditory echoes of two musicians unafraid to explore and redefine the limits of their artistic expression. As we anticipate “Spaces”, one thing is clear: the journey of Breathing Ghosts is one we all want to follow.