Singer Songwriter and Actor, Maya J, Unleashes Sultry R&B-Pop Vibes With Single “Chills”
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Singer Songwriter and Actor, Maya J, Unleashes Sultry R&B-Pop Vibes With Single “Chills”

Maya J, the multi-talented artist, actor, songwriter, and musician, has released her latest single, “Chills.” This melodic R&B-pop gem, enriched with jazz elements, showcases Maya J’s unique songwriting prowess and smooth, sensual vocals. Written and co-produced by Maya J herself, “Chills” is a testament to her artistic evolution, bringing a fresh twist to her signature style. Maya J’s background as a violinist and lifetime music study greatly contributes to her harmonious compositions, while her eloquence shines through in her unique lyricism.

Executive produced by Glitter Rain Entertainment, Maya J’s RIAA-member record label that she has been operating independently since 2014, “Chills” came to life under the guidance of engineering producer Jacob McCaslin. The collaboration emerged just months after their initial meeting, resulting in a track that stands out in the contemporary music landscape. “Chills” draws comparisons to the works of acclaimed artists such as SZA, Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Sabrina Claudio. The song is poised to find a home on playlists curated for night drives, date nights, romance, relaxation, mood setting, or even hot yoga and pilates classes.

Maya Jenkins has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence in her craft, both in music and acting. A product of an acting conservatory and training at renowned LA studios, Maya J’s dedication to her artistry is evident in every project she undertakes. Her musical journey began with the debut single “Symptoms of You” in 2016, followed by a series of successful releases. Maya J’s artistic achievements include the well-received “Come Find Me” and “Like You,” with the latter showcasing her skills not only as a songwriter but also as a director and co-producer of the accompanying music video. Maya J’s creative contributions extend beyond her solo career; her song “Tell Me” was created for the season 2 promotional trailer of ABC Family’s (Freeform) hit series, “Famous in Love”. Maya J’s underground influence on the music industry’s indie R&B pop landscape has helped push forth more melodic pieces to the mainstream.

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