YOUNG STYLZZ – EVERY WEEK (Official Music Video)

YOUNG STYLZZ – EVERY WEEK (Official Music Video)

Young Stylzz, a Hip-Hop/rap artist from Brooklyn, NY bringing his own vintage style with his new release “Every Week”. The artist is heavily influenced by the new East coast style rap & 90’s to 2000’s era of Hip-Hop. The Artist fuses together the older style Hip-Hop rap, which most new “rap” artists have lost, with the explosive melodies that one might have expected to hear on mainstream radio around today’s age. Young Stylzz is an Artist that Rap fans and more Hip-Hop oriented fans can agree on because the music is catchy but also aggressive.

Young Stylzz has just released his extended play (E.P) called “Get In Tuned” in August 2018. This E.P is fresh off the press and will soon be spread across the country. Young Stylzz have been playing locally very often and have become a local favorite in a few markets because of his great sound and amazing stage performances. Also Young Stylzz have been performing in different states such as VA, NYC, ATL, NJ and CA. Now it is time for Young Stylzz to expand his audience and gain world wide exposure.

Check out Young Stylzz latest music video “Every Week”

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