Vlad In Tears – Born Again ft. Lex Megaherz (Official Video)

Vlad In Tears – Born Again ft. Lex Megaherz (Official Video)

Later this year Vlad In Tears will release their next breaking record DEAD STORIES OF FORSAKEN LOVERS. On April 12th 2019 the band will release the first single BORN AGAIN. The biggest surprise is that the song will be a feature with Lex from Megaherz. But that’s not enough! For the first time ever Kris Vlad will sing in German!

The idea to do this kind of song came from the desire to show respect towards Vlad In Tears’ adoptive home. The decision to work with Lex from Megaherz was an easy one; both bands are connected by a long term of friendship and sympathy towards each other and when Vlad In Tears reached out to Megaherz to ask for a collaboration, they only answered “Killer song, let’s do it!”

Here is what Kris Vlad had to say about the song, “Born Again is a song about rebirth. After a long and deep breath, we wanted to come back with a new album, full of the darkest and romantic songs ever written, all made in our pure dark rock style, and this song is one of the most representing of the whole album, even though the slow songs will totally blow your mind! It has been a huge pleasure and honor to work with Lex, he’s been a great support and together with me, we have created a perfect match!

We really wanted and needed to go back to the dark and gothic atmospheres we used to have in our music, and most of all, we want to give to our fans and to whom will approach to our music for the first time, an easy way to get into our style, and to get it right away, an idea of what they would get when buying our new album DEAD STORIES OF FORSAKEN LOVERS.

Our biggest inspirations have always been bands like HIM, The 69 Eyes, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy… and with our new LP, everybody will get that kind of taste in their mouth and ears like never before.
We really hope you are going to love our new single BORN AGAIN as much as we do, and of course we really hope you will love our new album DEAD STORIES OF FORSAKEN LOVERS as we do.
Stay Vlad!”

Check it out.