Thushi Kumanan – Angel (Official Lyric Video)

Thushi Kumanan – Angel (Official Lyric Video)

International Hip-hop/R&B sensation Thushi Kumanan is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Angel”! Featuring the deep and emotional lyrics that have become a signature of his music, this track is the perfect ballad for any couple that share a meaningful connection together. In the next few months, this single is sure to gain significant air time on radio stations across the globe!

Thushi Kumanan is a Sri Lankan born singer, producer, composer, and songwriter. Now living in Calgary, Canada, he produces music in both Tamil and English. In 2011, Thushi Kumanan founded his own music production company and record label, called “Kuma Productions”. Thushi Kumanan released the tracks “Iraivaa” and “Be the Change” under this label in 2013 and 2017, respectively. These songs were a major point in the young artist’s career, redefining his music and bringing it into the global spotlight through his touching messages on the war on terrorism and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Like other music from Thushi Kumanan, these songs also showed the diversity in his music styles, ranging between old school Hip Hop, slow ballad and Jazz type R&B, and even the modern trap style rap. His music is also unique for the way in which it incorporates beautiful Western melodies into traditional South Asian roots.

“Angel” looks to continue to build on the success of Thushi Kumanan’s recent success. The single is an extremely touching and emotional ballad, exploring the pure and unconditional love a couple may share. Even more so, it emphasizes how couples are truly extraordinary in the way that they can complete each other and push each other to be their best. The single is written, composed, and sung by Thushi Kumanan with production work by Bryan “BC” Cockett. Ultimately, this single is an incredibly powerful message that is sure to invoke the feelings of love and move listeners to tears.

Thushi Kumanan has made a name for himself with powerful and emotional singles. “Angel” not only continues this standard, but pushes it even further, being Kumanan’s best track yet. Fans who are excited to hear “Angel” will be happy to know that Thushi Kumanan has simultaneously released the track’s official lyric video on YouTube!

“Angel” is AVAILABLE NOW on your platform of choice!

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