ThisMichaelBrown and The Barbies – No One Calls Out For Pythagoras

ThisMichaelBrown and The Barbies – No One Calls Out For Pythagoras

ThisMichaelBrown and The Barbies release the video for the song, “No One Calls Out For Pythagoras”. Here is what ThisMichaelBrown had to say about his new video.

“So this was our second song as a united team of cross country “Barbies”. Ha! A name based on the animated avatars of the band members which I like to dress mostly in non-flattering accessories . This time 4 of my buds got together across the net from Seattle and Sacramento for a song that was mixed and arranged here in New Orleans. I, ThisMichaelBrown, wrote this song with some dissonant rumbling intro chords reminiscent of Rush, a shameless nod towards my Canadian mentors. Some Queen and Beatle influences snuck in as well, no apologies. Anywho, 50 or so tracks later over a couple weeks time and a day given to video creation, and “No One Calls Out for Pythagoras” by ThisMichaelBrown and The Barbies was born.

Lyrically, this tune comes from my thirst for more spirit in our modern world, particularly as a scientist. My day job as a scientist sometimes falls short of a Maslow peak experience. This latest tune is a general plea to the science world to stay more open to the spiritual plane. Science is but one, albeit very useful, tool for navigating this here universe. Another being mystical spirituality, accomplished through knowing and experiencing something beyond (within) ourselves. With that, here is my latest prayer, mixed in with all the seriousness of the three (now five) stooges. One stooger sat this one out. Namaste, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk ;)”

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