The Warhawks Capture Deafening Silence on New Single ‘Dead Air’
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The Warhawks Capture Deafening Silence on New Single ‘Dead Air’

The Warhawks, hailing from Gloucester City, NJ, have carved out a notable presence in the indie rock scene with their authentic and finely crafted music. Comprising brothers John and Pat Bilodeau, cousin Matt Orlando, and close family friend Tom Lipski, this blue-collared band has made waves in the music world.

Their journey began with a series of DIY releases, leading to their debut LP ‘Never Felt So Good’ in 2019. This album showcased their unique sound, blending punk rock’s aggression with the melodic charm of classic pop. The band’s identity is a creative mix, where “The Clash ate the meal, The Strokes picked up the check, Weezer was the waiter, and The Beatles owned the restaurant.” The Warhawks are hungry artists who couldn’t afford the Uber but found a way to the party nonetheless.

The Warhawks’ debut LP not only earned them recognition as “Band of the Month” on 93.3 WMMR but also secured airplay for their track “Miracle” on 88.5 WXPN. They’ve toured across the United States and the UK, opening for prominent acts like White Reaper and The Menzingers.

Their journey continued with releases like the six-song EP ‘Stardust Disco’ and a live album titled ‘Live From Lockdown’ during the pandemic. In 2022, they released the EP “This Ain’t Art,” featuring hit singles “On My Way” and “The Spirit of Mechanicsburg.”

Their upcoming single, “Dead Air,” explores the heart-wrenching silence following a breakup—a transition from constant companionship to deafening solitude. Set to drop on November 3rd, 2023, “Dead Air” delves deep into the heart-wrenching silence that ensues post a breakup. It’s about that abrupt, almost unnatural transition from constant companionship to deafening solitude—a silence akin to the interruption of a broadcast.

As fans eagerly anticipate the official music video, the excitement surrounding the song is undeniable. For fans, there’s even more promising news on the horizon, as The Warhawks have joined forces with acclaimed rock producer Aaron Sprinkle for their upcoming album, scheduled for release in early 2024.

In the ever-shifting world of indie rock, The Warhawks have established themselves as a band driven by talent, dedication, and a touch of classic pop nostalgia. “Dead Air” is set to be another milestone in their evolving musical legacy. Fans eagerly await the official music video and the band’s forthcoming album.