The Qarah – Breath of Life

The Qarah – Breath of Life

The Qarah derives its name from the Hebrew word ‘qarah’ (kaw-raw), which essentially means ‘right place, right time’. It also means to encounter or come across something of significance. The Qarah was founded through Ramsay Moore’s desire to find a voice for his music. Ramsay initially had his start playing acoustic gigs at coffee houses, churches, and community venues – most of which were connected to various social justice events. He primarily played his own original material and over time saw the need to put together a record. Realizing the cost involved with bringing a project from concept to reality, he began to build his own recording studio. What then came to be was an extraordinary first EP, birthed from humble beginnings and a steep learning curve both technically and musically.

The Qarah released the EP “Hesitate”, with single “Breath of Life” leading the way. “Breath of Life” describes the contrast between hopelessness in purposeless living and then the moment you grab onto faith and find purpose in a power greater than yourself.

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