The Message Behind Ferrigno’s ‘One and Only’
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The Message Behind Ferrigno’s ‘One and Only’

Tennessee-based artist Ferrigno has been a mainstay in the music scene for a decade, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries with his sound. From club bangers to pop radio records, Ferrigno has proven himself as a versatile artist, ever-changing and always surprising. With the release of his newest single, “One and Only,” he brings yet another layer to his musical portfolio.

Hailing from Knoxville, Ferrigno has spent the last 10 years in the studio, perfecting his craft and exploring new musical territories. “Versatile” is the word he uses to describe his sound, a fitting descriptor for an artist whose discography spans various genres and styles. “I always plan on evolving my sound,” he says, a statement that rings true with each new release.

The theme of “One and Only” is love, more specifically, the strength and support found in having one strong woman by your side. A poignant and relatable message that is sure to resonate with many. The track explores the complexities and beauties of love, showcasing Ferrigno’s talent not only as a musician but as a storyteller as well.

With “One and Only”, Ferrigno enters a new era of his music career, one marked by maturity and a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him. As he embarks on his second decade in the music industry, one can only anticipate what Ferrigno will bring to the table next. If “One and Only” is any indication, it’s sure to be something special.

In a music landscape filled with cookie-cutter stars and formulaic hits, Ferrigno stands out as a breath of fresh air. His dedication to evolution and self-expression is evident in every note of “One and Only.” It’s clear that Ferrigno is not just here to make music; he’s here to make a statement.