THE EITHER – Mid of Nothingness (Official Lyric Video)

THE EITHER – Mid of Nothingness (Official Lyric Video)

New York City-based, Electronica group, THE EITHER, are proud to release their new single and lyric video, “Mid of Nothingness”. This is the first single released from the band’s forthcoming album. “Mid of Nothingness” stems from a sombre place, as it was inspired by their friend’s suicide; an event which inspired THE EITHER’s lead songwriter and innovator, Zongli, to express his own understanding of life. It is a philosophical track with lyrics written by novelist/poet, Lorelei, which ponder the meaning of life from a nihilistic perspective. All of THE EITHER’s music is created on classical Asian instruments, custom-made to be amplifier enabled and electronic sounding.

The visually stunning lyric video for “Mid of Nothingness” was shot by filmmaker, Lillian Xuege Li, during the band’s photoshoot with fine artist, Ping Wang, at Arashi Studio. The video captures one of the band’s core principles, futurism, as the band members are shown draped in what appears to be technologically advanced attire designed by jewelry artist, Meiyi Yang. It is a video that blurs the lines between what is a music video and what is fine art.

THE EITHER were formed in New York City in 2017 and its members consist of Zongli on vocals, Jiaju on Pipa, and Yang on Erhu. The band’s core principles are futurism, technology, and globalism, as the band believes in an androgynous world where cultures converge. Their musical style is unapologetic and distinct; blending rock, pop, and dance music. THE EITHER is excited to release more material leading up to the release of their full album.

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