Terin Thompson Releases Lyric Video For “HOMIES”, Featured In Tyler Perry’s All The Queen’s Men

Terin Thompson Releases Lyric Video For “HOMIES”, Featured In Tyler Perry’s All The Queen’s Men

Atlanta based singer, songwriter, and producer Terin Thompson releases his latest single “HOMIES”, as featured in Tyler Perry’s hit new comedy All The Queen’s Men!

Terin Thompson is an up-and-coming name in the music industry. With extensive experience as a soundtrack artist for both television and film, Thompson has had his work featured on shows including So You Think You Can Dance and  most, recently, on Tyler Perry’s smash hit All The Queen’s Men. In the past few years, Terin Thompson has made a name for himself as a solo artist with a variety of projects, including a recording project with hip-hop/R&B legend Chris Brown, as well as a string of hit singles including “Beat It Beat It” (2019) and “Juice Box” (2020).

Through each of his solo projects, Terin Thompson has showed off a sound that is reminiscent of classic R&B music but featuring a unique and modern twist that is even more swaggy and smooth. As a result, critics have called Terin Thompson a, “bridge between generations” for his ability to bring a fresh new twist into the R&B genre. “HOMIES” continues to build upon the momentum surrounding Terin Thompson after his recent releases and is a great example of this signature sound. By mixing old-school R&B vocals with modern drum beats, Terin Thompson creates a fresh and fun new mix-up on the R&B genre.

In this lighthearted love song, Terin Thompson sings about the fun and freedom that come with being married to someone that is a “homie” who you can kick it back and chill with, as opposed to the stereotypical “ball-and-chain marriage.” This idea is perfectly captured by the low-key and laid-back vibe of the song, giving it an authentic feel that is sure to have listeners feeling themselves. On a deeper level, as a husband and father himself, Terin Thompson was inspired to write this song by his relationship with his wife, making it all the more genuine and heartfelt.