Tally Koren – BEAUTY OF THE DUTY (What Holds You Back?) (Official Video)

Tally Koren – BEAUTY OF THE DUTY (What Holds You Back?) (Official Video)


The singer Tally Koren lives up to her Hebrew name (shine) and believes it’s the beauty of her duty to spread words of encouragement. Based on the remarkable story of Koren’s roller-coaster life, arriving in London with one suitcase and a dream, leaving behind her golden cage with a multi-millionaire husband. The tough experiences as a foreign artist, and how even through the untimely loss of her adored British husband she still radiated positivity in that dark time.

‘Against all odds’ is how this song came into being. Koren decided to listen to her own chorus “The only thing that holds you back is you” after she was told by a top PR that she was wasting her time and money, as there was no way that a Jewish, an Israeli, aged over 40, would be played on national radio. A few weeks later, her song was on the Radio 2 playlist, over 50 regional radio stations, and small charts around the world.

This Anthem for Motivation ‘BEAUTY OF THE DUTY’ (What Holds You Back?) is the fourth single from the Fringe Award Winner for best singer songwriter’s forthcoming LP to be released in 2021. It follows the success of her last release, which has been inspiring the nation, a song of hope with a title that’s become the mantra of our current situation, ‘Keep Going’.

The Israeli-born singer has completed a BA Honsin Jewish Studies and Theology at the Leo Baeck, a university which trains reform and liberal Rabbis.

“I thought the Jewish New Year would be the perfect day to release a song with such a positive message, as Rosh Hashanah isn’t just about being new, it’s about a change, and that’s what is happening to us right now, and as the main custom of the festival is to dip an apple in honey in the hope of a sweet year, I am sure the uplifting song can help!”

The song’s life started as a four-page poem, written by Fraser Scott, an Award winner for Best Screenplay at this year’s Global Shorts Film Festival.He is also an art dealer who has sold $2 million of album art for Coldplay to support children’s charities. Fraser sent the poem to Tally via social media and it was the first poem she edited and turned into a song lyric.

Since then she has founded the National Schools Poetry Competition to encourage children to write about peace and to express their emotions. At the moment she is doing her UK Virtual Tour, giving workshops to help the children to explore the word hope through poetry, and to write what they feel about the lockdown.

The low resonance of Koren’s velvet voice is often compared to a ‘more optimistic’ version of Marianne Faith full, and even caught the attention of a producer for the James Bond franchise, placing her as an Israeli agent in ‘Quantum of Solace.’ Tally has an impressive catalogue of live performances under her belt. Most recently including the Royal Albert Hall, The National Arboretum, The Belgrade Theatre (Coventry), The House of Lords and singing live at the start of a match at the MK Dons Stadium on International Peace Day 2019.

This new, extended version of the single is faster than the original, with the most catchy and powerful chorus and riff guitar, it’s an aural remedy for downhearted days, and almost impossible to resist the urge to sing along.

The electro acoustic track was recorded live in Abbey Road, then Tally took the production into her own hands, with the help of Phil Curran, her co-producer for the last 10 years, known in the past for his work with Tears for Fears. Mixed by Grammy nominated Mike Stevens, (musical director/producer for Take That, Annie Lennox). During the current crisis, Koren has discovered new ways to express her love for England, she has been entertaining her neighbors and online fans in many countries with 17 ‘Streaming From the Balcony’ performances so far, in the courtyard of her apartments. She also created a motivational series of live streams and vlogs “Against All Odds” with live music and her own story, showing the ability to turn any negative situation to positive in the hardest moments.

For more information visit www.tallykoren.com