Steve Mays – Hot Boy (Music Video)

Steve Mays – Hot Boy (Music Video)

Steve Mays is a satirical rapper that focuses on innovating sounds, and flow delivery on the most in demand types of beats. Whether a 2000’s gangster rap song like “Aint Seen Ya”, or poetically synthesized bars that rhythmically make your head rock, count on expert song production and a never heard sound that sticks.

The entire State of Rhyme Urgency mixtape showcases the pinnacle levels of artistry pre and intra performance and studio production. Steve threw down numerous buzz starters like “Hot Boy”, and other nicely ringing jams “No Rumors” and “Gotta Know” that are phonetically unique from tone to lyrics.

A genuine beat selection mixed with unique character and rhythm sets tight parameters for incoming trappers recording in their bathrooms and or shitty labs, which is why Steve promotes fellow freshmen trappers to reach out to pursue collaborations on burnin beats, and he’ll handle the production on some real s*&t.

Steve Mays has experience managing production and strategic projects as a 9-5-businessman; he translates this knowledge into handling rap and other music projects with the same goal oriented mindset.

Steve Mays
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