Spice Up the Holidays: Celebrating with ‘Christmas in New York’
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Spice Up the Holidays: Celebrating with ‘Christmas in New York’

The music scene is buzzing with the latest release from the eclectic duo Got Spice? — “Christmas in New York” from their album “A Very Spicy Holiday.” This pop-rock single carries the nostalgia of classic holiday tunes blended with a modern twist, embodying the spirit of a New York Christmas.

Got Spice? is not your average music act. Comprising Gregory Yates, a former Warner Music artist with a flair for drums, production, and songwriting, and Kirti Naik, the multifaceted Miss India-USA 1997, singer, and pianist, this duo is a powerhouse of talent. Engaged and blending their family, Greg and Kirti have created a unique multimedia entertainment brand that includes a lifestyle video podcast, variety show, and their music act.

“Christmas in New York” is a song that evokes the cozy warmth of holiday traditions. Its sound, described as a mixture of The Beatles, Seal, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift, creates an acoustic, campfire-like atmosphere that resonates with listeners of all ages. This track is more than a song; it’s a narrative of longing and fulfillment, celebrating the joy of being together with loved ones during the festive season in one of the world’s most iconic cities.

The inspiration behind this song is deeply personal. It’s about the journey of Greg and Kirti, who, after years of longing, finally celebrate the holidays as a new family with their teenage daughters. The song dips into the nostalgic memories of Christmastime in New York, walking through the snowy paths of Central Park, reminiscent of their childhood winter wonderlands.

Remarkably, the music video for “Christmas in New York” is a testament to the duo’s ingenuity and adaptability. Entirely self-produced using an iPhone 14 Pro and edited in iMovie, it captures the essence of Central Park during the holidays, adding an authentic and heartfelt touch to the song.

Got Spice? has indeed spiced up the holiday music scene with “Christmas in New York.” This track is not just a song; it’s an experience — a blend of nostalgia, modern soundscapes, and the heartfelt story of a family coming together. As the holiday season approaches, “Christmas in New York” is set to become a new favorite on playlists, bringing the magic of New York’s winter to listeners worldwide.

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