Softsaint – My Lover (The Genesis) (Music Video)

Softsaint – My Lover (The Genesis) (Music Video)

My lover (The Genesis) official video, by Softsaint talks mainly about a start of a new love life, relationship and the length he is willing to go for her to be with him and be the best she can, to make sure they stay strong and great as one and couple. It consists of oriental dance team with strong body movements and messages in form of dancing, variety of friends night out for dinner, and a short trip at the end of the video. It has an introductory scenes that shows few major scenes that’s in the whole video.

The first verse describes the way they met the first time at the gym and how the chemistry got them blended together just instant, so real and so natural. Verse two talks mainly about how Softsaint felt for her on their way out to meet friends downtown, after returning from a business trip that evening as scene in the intro. The song bridge is Softsaint just standing at the window of the bedroom thinking about how lucky he is to have met her and the importance of her presence in his life. The last last choruses till end, reflects more on a happy time, happy people and a deep positive energy in a beautiful landscape and drop scene showing off the beautiful nature while driving away with her.

At the very end of the song, it’s says “To be continued..” and that’s because the story has not ended yet, as another track and music video is on the way for the relationship update as it seems to get better and better.

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