Skafish – No Liberation Here (Official Lyric Video)

Skafish – No Liberation Here (Official Lyric Video)

Perhaps more relevant today than when it was written in the mid 1970s, No Liberation Here was one of the world’s first anti-gay bashing and anti-bullying songs. With a message that was both hard-hitting and uncompromising, the lyrics nakedly and painfully confronted the abuse, shame, and societal rejection of those who don’t conform to societies’ rigid sexual norms and acceptable standards. This 1979 recording first appeared on the debut Skafish album, which was originally released on the now legendary I.R.S. Records label.

Skafish made his shocking Chicago debut in February 1976, and has been acknowledged as Chicago’s punk/new wave godfather. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Cheap Trick, who attended many of Skafish’s earliest shows stated: “Unpredictable, over the top, with life or death conviction and reckless abandon, Skafish created punk, new wave and alternative rock in Chicago.”

Skafish has performed/toured with such artists as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Stranglers, The Cramps, The Police, XTC, UB-40 and U-2 to name a few. In the summer of 1980, Skafish was filmed in front of a crowd of 20,000 in the south of France for inclusion in the live concert film extravaganza Urgh! A Music War, alongside Devo, Joan Jett, and Klaus Nomi.

For decades, No Liberation Here and the debut album it appeared on remained out of print until Skafish obtained the rights. He then reissued the remastered album on his own label, 829 Records, first digitally and on CD November 29, 2019, followed by a limited edition vinyl pressing on May 7, 2020.

Produced, Written and Arranged by Skafish

Executive Producer: Skafish

Lyric Video: View Maniac

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