Salat – Win Instead

Salat – Win Instead

Rising hip-hop artist Salat is proud to announce the release of his latest track, “Win Instead”, produced by David Sisko. After many years filming music videos for others, Salat finally takes his chance to step in front of the camera and show off his own musical abilities. The result is a fresh, new hip-hop sound and a full-length music video that follows the journey of Ausar Walcott, an NFL rookie with an inspirational backstory.

Salahadin “Salat” Williams’ absence from the spotlight was not by accident, nor by choice. Salat, a native of Newark, NJ, has spent the last five years of his life as a fugitive. On the run from Federal Marshalls, Salat could not travel or live life in the open. Salat used this opportunity to truly ask himself what he wanted from life, and what his plans were. He soon found refuge filming music videos for his cousin, and eventually began doing so for many other family and friends. When his name was finally cleared in 2017, Salat recognized just how influential this period of his life had been. Not only did it shape who he was, but it also inspired him to begin telling his story. After working with producers and writers, Salat has started developing hip-hop tracks that are nothing short of inspirational.

“Win Instead” is perhaps Salat’s most important track yet. It tells the story of Ausar Walcott, an NFL rookie who signed with the Cleveland Browns. After struggling throughout his entire life just to make it to the biggest stage in the world, Walcott was wrongly accused of Attempted Murder during a bar fight and cut from the team. Since being found not guilty, Ausar has spent every single day of his life fighting and training to earn a spot back in the league. Throughout the track, it is clear just how important this story is to Salat. The young artist pours a lot of emotion and inspiration into his flows, resulting in a truly motivational single. It is sure to be an anthem and to empower anybody currently dealing with adversity, as Salat and Walcott both have.

The music video for “Win Instead”, which is released today, features images of both Salat and Walcott together as Walcott trains to get back into the NFL. Along with the release of “Win Instead”, this music video on its own is a monumental achievement in Salat’s career. It is the first time that Salat’s very own music video production company, FMSL, was able to film a video with Salat in front of the camera. Produced and Directed by Salat, the completion of this music video is an important reminder as to the adversity that Salat has come face to face with during his entire career.

“Win Instead” is AVAILABLE NOW on your streaming platform of choice!

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