S. J. Jananiy – Believe In You (Official Music Video)

S. J. Jananiy – Believe In You (Official Music Video)

Rising artist S.J. Jananiy is proud to announce the release of her latest single, “Believe in You”. Written and produced by S.J. Jananiy herself, this song is an emotional and inspirational track that is sure to move its listeners. S.J. Jananiy has also produced a full-length music video to further celebrate the release of this hit single!

S.J. Jananiy is an award-winning artist whose work spans a diverse and versatile range of genres, including Indian Classical Carnatic, Fusion, Devotional, and Bhajan. Beginner her career at the age of five with her first ever performance, S.J. Jananiy has since then immersed herself in the musical industry. Her music is backed by a dense educational history, which includes study under the legendary Carnastic vocalist Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. In addition, she has performed in nearly 1,000 stage shows and has worked on almost 45 different albums under the JSJ label. This has attracted significant attention to the young artist, who has already received the prestigious National Award from the government of India, as well as being recognized as a “Rising Star” by the Indian Music Academy.

“Believe in You” and its accompanying music video is the latest testament to S.J. Jananiy’s natural talent and musical ability. The song is meant to be self-reflective, and inspire its listeners to find hope and courage within themselves. S.J. Jananiy delivers an incredible vocal performance, singing about the need to believe in ourselves, as this is the only way to balance the highs and lows we will all experience. She uses the ocean as a metaphor, in order to show the inevitable cycle of rises and crashes. Behind her vocals, she has produced an amazing record. The instrumentals make use of subtle, warm synth sounds and analog ambient accompaniments to combine subterranean beats and a dreamy voxy texture.

S.J. Jananiy continues to amaze as she puts her musical skills to work by creating unique and powerful tracks. “Believe in You” is yet another amazing record to be produced by this young and talented artist. While delivering a powerful emotional message, S.J. Jananiy uses the track to show off years of experience in the music industry and her incredibly soothing voice. Altogether, S.J Jananiy’s “Believe in You” has everything it takes to become a major hit in the next few months!

“Believe in You” is AVAILABLE NOW on all digital platforms!

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