Royalty Noise – Dark Matter ft. 1/6 (Official Music Video)

Royalty Noise – Dark Matter ft. 1/6 (Official Music Video)

Royalty Noise are back at it again with another strikingly cinematic visual from their upcoming album Unnatural Selection. “Dark Matter” is a stark contrast from their previous effort, this time with fellow dart spitter 1/6 in tow. The video directed by Nick Kozakis follows the trio as they deliver an ominous package to some shady characters around Melbourne city, which matches the sinister verses performed by each of the rappers and sets the tone perfectly for the album to come.

The song is a strong showcase of the range that Royalty Noise has packed into their latest opus, proving that the band is among the top contenders of the local Hip Hop scene.

Catch the video below and make sure to get Unnatural Selection once it hits a music outlet near you.

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