Rogue Formats has released their video for the spirit lifting track Visions Of A King (VOK). Like most of their music, the track blurs the genre line with symphonic overtures intertwined with techno-funk and African beats underneath it.

The video tries to look at some of the root causes to the human condition on our planet and explore the deeper thoughts and personal perspectives that separate us. The video also explores the effectiveness of protesting, the government being a failure and questions the way of life we have come to accept instead of choosing., furthermore the video references how the animals do not pay for Food, Land or Water, but yet, we the supposedly more intelligently evolved life form pay and starve without question. The finale seem to suggest what actions the population across the planet could consider taking to begin real change to how we all exist on our planet.

G.S.Craig of Rogue Formats indicated that not all of their music will have a message attached as the goal isn’t to be preachy, but creating occasional public awareness is always a good thing.

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