Rising Star: Tyler Bragoli Debuts “Star Baby”
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Rising Star: Tyler Bragoli Debuts “Star Baby”

At just 15 years old, Tyler Bragoli isn’t waiting for adulthood to chase his dreams; he’s grabbing them now with a tenacity and raw talent that’s impossible to ignore. With his new single, “Star Baby,” this Long Island native is not only capturing hearts but also the intricacies of Pop and R&B with a mature artistry beyond his years.

Tyler’s love affair with music began at an early age, surrounded by a family whose life was steeped in tunes of all genres. By the age of 10, this self-taught multi-instrumentalist was already a social media sensation, with cover songs amassing millions of views and drawing attention from industry heavyweights. But Tyler, with guidance from his father, chose to tread an independent path, focusing on honing his craft in a bedroom studio where he engineers and produces his work.

“Star Baby” is more than a song—it’s a melodic mission statement from a young artist who’s serious about leaving a mark. It’s the culmination of late nights, perfectionist tendencies, and a vision that’s crystal clear: to create music that lasts. Tyler’s ambition doesn’t stop at the charts; he’s aiming for longevity, for a career that will span decades, not just years.

Tyler’s recent opening act for Ja-Rule in New York City proved that he’s as comfortable on stage as he is in the studio. The crowd’s chorus, echoing his lyrics, confirmed that Tyler’s music isn’t just heard—it’s felt. With a stage presence that’s both commanding and authentic, Tyler is a natural performer whose passion for his art is palpable.

Tyler possesses a profound grasp of music that extends beyond the allure of melody, the intricacies of song structure, and the magnetism of catchy hooks; he embodies the quintessential mindset of a dedicated artist. His comprehension of diligence is unparalleled for his age—consistently the earliest to arrive and the last to depart, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his craft. This dedication has earned him the moniker of “the hardest working 15-year-old” in the industry circles. While many artists rely on charisma and talent, Tyler has cultivated the essential habits and discipline that pave the path to superstardom.

Despite his fast-rising fame, Tyler remains grounded, thanks to the unwavering support of his family, friends, and a good slice of New York pizza. His personal interests, like his taste in music, are diverse and speak to his well-rounded character.