Rising R&B Artist La’Monte Releases Debut Album “She’s Around”
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Rising R&B Artist La’Monte Releases Debut Album “She’s Around”

Rap and R&B artist La’Monte has announced the release of his debut EP album She’s Around, streaming now on your platform of choice! La’Monte’s EP features four original songs he produced, with a diverse range of sounds including jazz influences, calming piano melodies, orchestral forms, and acoustic rhythms. The trained musician and self-taught singer/songwriter from Philadelphia hoped to create an intimate and unique sound by combining sounds from across generations.

The album’s intro track, “All I Ever Need is Her,” draws the listener in with a subtle moderate tempo and instrument decay with a jazz delivery that is both mellow and alluring. The second track, “Tonight,” features low-fidelity piano notes that both contrasts and compliments the third track, “She’s Around.” The title track brings in the sounds of banjo, inspired by the karate films of the 1970s. Rounding out the EP is “Take it Slow,” an outro track that brings the listener back to the jazz influences in which the album starts. According to La’Monte, the EP was inspired by his love of music, and by a girl who was a potential love interest.

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