QuantheMulatto – Payday ft. HP Pachino (Official Video)

QuantheMulatto – Payday ft. HP Pachino (Official Video)

Rising artist QuantheMulatto is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Payday”. The young artist from the East Coast of North Carolina is eager to continue making his name in the music industry. This new track, “Payday” features fellow artist HP Pachino and is produced by Severtha6. With its hot instrumentals and QuantheMulatto’s heavy verses, “Payday” has everything needed to become an instant hit, and to build upon QuantheMulatto’s name in the industry.

QuantheMulatto was born on the East Coast of North Carolina. He first was introduced to hip-hop at a very young age, through his father. These early hip-hop influences paved the way for his later passions for creating, writing, and using music as an outlet and escape. As a result, QuantheMulatto now dreams of getting his messages and thoughts out to the whole world via music.

“Payday” is a song that everybody can relate to. It’s a song about getting the check you have worked so hard for. For QuantheMulatto, payday has always been a celebration, “For me since being on my own at a young age under 18, every payday was and has been a celebration within myself that I had made it another week or two by myself on my own, to pay bills, to eat, to survive without asking help from anyone else.” Not only is QuantheMulatto willing to celebrate and enjoy the successes of his daily grind, but he is also willing to keep working towards the next big goal, and the next big payday. It is exactly this mentality displayed in his verses in “Payday”.

Fans of QuantheMulatto will be excited to know that “Payday” featuring HP Pachino will be available for download on all popular music streaming websites, including: Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc.!

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