Poni Capri – Winning (Official Video)

Poni Capri – Winning (Official Video)

Rising hip-hop artist Poni Capri is proud to announce the release of her latest single, “Winning”. Produced by James Worthy, the track features a fun and upbeat trap style. It is sure to be a hit among fans of hip-hop and pop listeners as well. In addition to the release of this new single, Poni Capri has also provided her fans with a full-length music video for “Winning”, which was filmed in London by NKE media.

A native of London UK, Poni Capri has found success all across the International stage. She began to write and perform music at the age of 8. In London, Poni Capri’s music began to make serious breakthroughs, landing spots on the radio, having music videos on TV, and even being featured in two music-based reality TV Shows (Musicool and Singing With The Enemy). As a maturing artist, she began to develop a distinct musical style. While maintaining her British accent, she uses reggae influences and skillful lyricism to give her music a truly unique feel. It was at this point in her career where her peers inspired the nickname Poni, because of her ability to “Ride over any rhythm.” Since moving to the United States, Poni Capri has worked with Grammy level producers like Mr Porter, ‘Kon Artis’ of D12 (Eminem & 50Cent) and Darius Harrison ‘Deezle’ (Lil Wayne). In addition to her work as an artist, Poni Capri is also the CEO of her own music entertainment business, Desire Sounds.

Poni Capri’s latest single, “Winning” is the result of her current work with Atlanta based producers. With “Winning”, Poni looks to adopt the trap sound made popular by these producers, while using her British sound and Jamaican heritage to fuse it with UK hip-hop styles. The result is the fun, uplifting sound featured in “Winning”. Poni also shows off her lyrical abilities, combining fast paced and creative flows with smooth and catchy choruses. The song focuses on Poni Capri’s rough start in East London, but being able to pull herself up from nothing and ultimately finding ways to win in life. The music video for “Winning” interprets this message by imagining Poni as a fugitive. While she is constantly being pursued by law enforcement, she is clever and determined enough to get away throughout the entire video.

Poni Capri’s latest single “Winning” is sure to be a hit among fans and new listeners alike. The track masterfully blends her musical style into the popular Atlanta trap sound. This experiment not only produced a hit track, but it will also solidify Pon`i Capri’s status as a mature and dangerous player in the music industry. “Winning” is AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. The full-length music video is also available through YouTube!

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