Phil Crown Continues a Monster Year with Upcoming Single “BROKEN WINGS”
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Phil Crown Continues a Monster Year with Upcoming Single “BROKEN WINGS”

Since the beginning of 2022, few artists have had as impressive of a run as electronic/R&B artist Phil Crown. With his upcoming single “BROKEN WINGS”, Phil Crown continues to have a monster year! The Seattle born singer/songwriter began his career after growing up influenced by iconic artists like Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, and Craig David. Carrying their distinct sense of soul and rhythm into his own musical career, Phil Crown connected with legendary producer Michael “M.I.” Cohen (Usher, Rick Ross). Phil Crown quickly gained attention for his sound that combined soulful r&b with electronic elements and beats. His music is relatable, penning heartfelt songs that are rooted in storytelling. After later connecting with director Damien Sandoval, Phil Crown launched his music to a whole new level.

Fast forward to 2022, and Phil Crown has become one of the most exciting new names in the industry, with over a million of streams globally. Early this year, Phil Crown released his single “THROUGH IT ALL”, gaining critical acclaim for its smooth vibes and cool, upbeat tones. Following the popularity from “THROUGH IT ALL”, he landed an opening spot at the Breaking Sound Festival in Los Angeles. He is also slated to play at the upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas.

To continue this dominant run, Phil Crown plans to release his upcoming single “BROKEN WINGS”. Keeping the same style made popular by “PICK UP THE PHONE” and “THROUGH IT ALL”, “BROKEN WINGS” has an even more upbeat and soulful sound, making the track feel bigger and more infectious. Even better, Phil Crown gives one of his best vocal performances to date, delivering high-powered choruses that are sure to gain major attention on pop/R&B playlists and radio stations across the country. The song serves as the start of the next iteration in Phil Crown’s career, where his R&B beginnings meld with the synths of electro-pop.

Phil Crown certainly has the talent to become a major artist, and after 2022, he now has the attention he needs to rise to the top. Playing huge festivals, major releases, and impressive collaborations, Phil Crown is poised to become not just one of the biggest names in pop, but one of the biggest names in the music industry.

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