Pesh Milli and Deige: The Dynamic Duo Behind the Hit Single “Papi Smoke”
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Pesh Milli and Deige: The Dynamic Duo Behind the Hit Single “Papi Smoke”

In the dynamic realm of music, Blue Collar Records carves out its distinctive place. As a standout independent label, it nurtures talent akin to major labels, yet cherishes and maintains an artist’s freedom in their creative journey. Pesh Milli and Deige, two gifted artists signed to the label, are a testament to its commitment to quality and originality.

Emerging from Brooklyn, New York, Pesh Milli has established himself as a multifaceted talent, donning roles as a content creator, writer, producer, and artist. When describing his sound, Pesh relates it to a melting pot, “You get a little of everything. I may sing, I may rap, I may hum—so expect the unexpected.” This eclectic mix ensures that listeners are in for a delightful surprise every time they press play.

On the flip side, Deige crafts a soundscape that is a blend of modern rap intertwined with the nostalgic vibes of 80’s-2000’s R&B soul music. His artistic versatility shines through in every track, always offering a fresh sound. “You might get a fast flow or a slow song with a genuine narrative. Regardless, it’s high-quality music that showcases different shades of me,” Deige notes.

Their collaborative track, “Papi Smoke,” encapsulates the spirit of a vibrant party. The duo, who entirely produced the single, envision listeners feeling the thrill of the best party they’ve ever been to. Yet, at its core, Pesh reveals, “It’s a women empowerment anthem. It reverberates the freedom women experience when they embrace their own bodies, no matter the shape or size.” Adding to Pesh’s perspective, Deige says, “The song gives an insight into a festive party night with us. It’s a snippet of how our crew knows how to have a good time.”

The song’s video is a visual testament to the track’s energy and theme. “Producing the video was a delightful challenge,” Pesh recalls. “We joined forces with Prestige to bring this cinematic piece to life. Over two days, we ventured to two distinct locations: an exquisite outdoor pool with a mesmerizing waterfall, and a grotto that encapsulates the remnants of summer.”

Deige chimes in with gratitude, “Big shoutout to Pesh and Prestige. We crafted the perfect visual narrative for the song against all odds. A heartfelt thanks to the models who graced the video with such short notice.”

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