Paul Bartolome – A Long Way From Home (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate) (Lyric Video)

Paul Bartolome – A Long Way From Home (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate) (Lyric Video)

Rising artist Paul Bartolome is proud to announce the release of his latest single “A Long Way From Home”, featuring Craig Mabitt of Escape the Fate. The song is released as a single, ahead of Paul Bartolome’s debut album “Gravity”, which is expected to be released on August 21st, 2018. To further celebrate this release, Paul Bartolome has also given fans a brand new lyric video to accompany the single!

As an artist, Paul Bartolome will never let his music be defined by genre. Having a deep appreciation for music, Paul Bartolome listens to a wide variety of music and has grown to like certain aspects of each genre. He seeks to incorporate many of these aspects into his own music, and never worries when a song he is writing seems to be going too far in one direct or aligning itself with a certain genre. As a result, each of his musical releases always sound unique and exciting, making sure there is always a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

For his new single “A Long Way From Home”, Paul Bartolome has definitely continued his work of blending genres. Featuring Craig Mabbitt, the lead vocalist for the American rock band Escape The Fate, the single combines strong rock instrumentals and vocals with softer, more melodic breakdowns that add a pop feel into the song. Together, this blend of rock and pop makes for a song that is truly unique to listeners. In addition to its uniqueness, the energetic and powerful single also offers us an important moral. As a young guy goes off to chase his dreams and move away from his family, he soon realizes that he made the wrong decision in leaving his loved ones behind. When he tries to return to them, he is now long forgotten. This important message culminates at the bridge of the song. To emphasize this, Paul Bartolome collected audio recordings of hundreds of his fans singing his lyrics in unison. The result is an incredible, chilling moment that is truly defining of this single!

The release of “A Long Way From Home” solidifies Paul Bartolome’s place as an artist who is willing to go beyond genres to create great music. As fans anxiously await Paul Bartolome’s debut album “Gravity”, arriving this August, they are sure to be kept happy as this song gains attention from international airwaves over the next few months!

Watch Paul Bartolome’s latest lyric video, for “A Long Way From Home” on Youtube!

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