Paria – C’mon (Official Music Video)

Paria – C’mon (Official Music Video)

Paria takes you to dream land with her new song “C’mon”

Paria is now ready with a self-produced and self-written new single “C’mon”. “C’mon” is a dreamy and flowy song that will most probably be your next go to song to put on for an autumn walk. Norwegian artist, Paria brings with her a refreshing, new sound to the music scene that captivates her audience with the pure emotions in her lyrics and melodies, her unique productions and her layered harmonies. Having been brought up on artists such as Frank Ocean and Stromae, Paria’s music is diverse. Her sound is easily recognizable with her rhythmic hip-hop flow and dreamy harmonies.
She has a vision to create music for all audiences that is relatable, honest and will be a reflection of her life, values and experiences; Music that binds people from various walks of life because it speaks on real, universal feelings. Paria has been working on her debut album for a while now and she has already released the first single called “Despite All Crazy” this spring, which already gained 300k streams on Spotify and has been played on several radio stations all over Europe.

Paria says, “C ́mon is really the most spontaneous song I have ever made. I wrote it while i stayed in a farm in Norway last summer, I remember walking around humming the melody that now has become the hook for this song “c’mon, c’mon, c’mon” for some reason. I figured, I could just record it on my phone, I ended up putting the recording in a project and started making a beat. After half an hour I had written the whole song. The hook and the chords gave me a really dreamy and romantic vibe and the melodies went together perfectly. I tend to write story based lyrics and often from a certain character’s point of view, but this time I just wanted to paint pretty pictures with the melodies and lyrics. C’mon puts you in the situation of someone who tries to convey their basic needs to another person, but they’re too scared to say the words out loud.”

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