OVIANNO – I DO (Official Music Video)

OVIANNO – I DO (Official Music Video)

Ovianno, a.k.a. OV, is an Indonesian hip-hop artist currently based in Los Angeles, California who creates in a rap/bounce style that’s been compared to Post Malone and Drake. He’s a strong vocalist who is able to inject melody into his songs and flows, a skill that adds a touch of pop to his sound. His latest single, “I Do,” is now available on all streaming platforms and gives fans a taste of his multicultural approach to urban music.

OV has had music on his mind since childhood. He came up studying drums and guitar and always carried the dream of being a famous entertainer in his heart. He attended colleges in Australia and Singapore but quickly realized that path wasn’t for him. He wound up in Los Angeles going to acting school, where he connected with people who encouraged him to pursue his musical side and to dream big. He began working with noted producer Duke (Snoop Dogg, Swae Lee, Big Sean) and is now a rapidly-developing artist with a unique sound and huge crossover potential.

Ovianno’s sound reaches listeners in a way only the real ones can achieve and this keeps his audience growing on the daily. He is inspired by Justin Bieber, Queen, and Drake but has crafted an artistic style that’s always fully original.

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