Olivia Rodrigo – obsessed
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Olivia Rodrigo – obsessed

Olivia Rodrigo’s latest single “Obsessed” delves into the complexities of modern relationships, particularly the lingering specter of past flames. With hauntingly relatable lyrics, Rodrigo paints a vivid picture of the turmoil that ensues when one finds themselves fixated on their partner’s ex.

The song opens with a hypnotic melody, setting the stage for Rodrigo’s introspective musings. She candidly confesses to the extent of her preoccupation, admitting that she knows intricate details about her partner’s former lover, from trivial facts like their star sign to intimate nuances like their sleeping habits.

Rodrigo’s raw emotion shines through as she grapples with feelings of insecurity and jealousy. Despite knowing that her partner has moved on, she can’t shake the feeling of inadequacy in comparison to their ex. Lines like “I’m staring at her like I wanna get hurt” encapsulate the tumultuous nature of her emotions.

Throughout the song, Rodrigo questions her own worth, wondering if her partner still harbors feelings for their ex. She scrutinizes every aspect of the former flame, agonizing over whether she measures up.

“Obsessed” showcases Rodrigo’s maturity as a songwriter, effortlessly capturing the angst and vulnerability of navigating love in the digital age. With its catchy melody and poignant lyrics, the song is sure to resonate with listeners who have grappled with similar feelings of obsession and insecurity in relationships.