Olivia Frances – Porcelain (Official Music Video)

Olivia Frances – Porcelain (Official Music Video)

On May 17, folk/pop artist OLIVIA FRANCES will release her new single and music video for “Porcelain” in anticipation of her third album, Orchid. Written with Nashville-based songwriter Michael Astrachan over Skype, “Porcelain” depicts the universal experience of modern loneliness. Ultimately, the single gives listeners the opportunity to appreciate that they are not alone in this shared human feeling.

“Porcelain” speaks to our modern dilemma of digital addiction in the absence of true togetherness. Though we’re seemingly so connected through our devices and social media, many of us still feel distant from one another, craving a richer human connection. It seems like these days, it’s Instagram vs. reality; we see only what people want us to see.

Recorded at Riverfront Recording Studios in Nashville and produced by the distinguished Pat Lassiter, “Porcelain” features hauntingly impactful vocals accompanied by edgy instrumentals. “Porcelain” presents a new side of Frances, while continuing to embrace her stunning voice and unmatched songwriting skills.

The music video for “Porcelain” was shot in Lakewood, OH by Steven Beller from Cold Robot Studios, with remarkable performances from Marcia Mandell (woman in the antique store), Alexis Hapstak (figure skater) and Kelsey Rubenking (woman in the coffee shop). The idea behind this video is that life is fragile. Our relationships are fragile, our bodies are fragile, and life is precious. As Olivia shares, “These days, it is so easy to feel lonely, although we are all connected through social media. Let’s remember that we are not alone in this shared human feeling. Let’s remember to lift each other up and take care of one another.”

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