Nino Staxx x Drug Money Trilly – Run It Up (Music Video)

Nino Staxx x Drug Money Trilly – Run It Up (Music Video)

Nino Staxx and Drug Money Trilly teamed up for a brand-new release: Run It Up

July 2020 – Artist and songwriter Nino Staxx recently joined forces with Drug Money Trilly in order to release a stunning new single, Run It Up. The two managed to perfect a potent blend of modern hip-hop. The music is direct and unapologetic, with a special focus on memorable hooks and one-of-a-kind vibes. “Run It Up” is also a great example of the pair’s commitment to creating a world-class production, and the two set out to capture an excellent performance, which reveals the song’s huge dynamic range and powerful tone. What’s special about Run It Up” is the fact that the song highlights the different styles of these two performers, yet they also sound so good together, making for a perfect match.

Run It Up is a great introduction to these artists and their sound, and it definitely highlights their bright potential in many ways.

Learn more about Nino Staxx and Drug Money Trilly, and do not miss out on their most recent projects, including Run It Up, which is currently available on the web’s best streaming websites.

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