Nelsin Robert – Someone’s Gonna Fall (Official Lyric Video)

Nelsin Robert – Someone’s Gonna Fall (Official Lyric Video)

American electronic artist Nelsin Robert is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Someone’s Gonna Fall”. Produced and mixed by Paul Sofsky, “Someone’s Gonna Fall” is a dance/electronic song that has everything it needs to become a hit over the next few months! To further celebrate this release, Nelsin Robert has also released an accompanying lyric video for the single.

Nelsin Robert was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, a small town outside of Boston. It was here where he was first introduced to music, through piano lessons at a young age. While he had always been interested in music, it was only after hearing David Bowie’s “Fame” that Nelsin Robert’s passion for music was truly awakened. Over the next part of his life Nelsin Robert performed as part of multiple bands, ranging in genres from heavy metal to pop. This helped him to absorb and understand the many facets and musical components of each genre, which he sometimes incorporates into his own unique sound today. After years of performing as an act, Nelsin Robert decided to move on to his own solo career. Today, he is living in Los Angeles working on major projects and perfecting his unique R&B/dance/electronic sound.

The single “Someone’s Gonna Fall” is a dance/electronic song. It was recorded at Doug Grean Studios in Pasadena, California. While it mostly features a driving and upbeat dance tempo, it has large and technical breakdowns that drive the emotional message of the song. “Someone’s Gonna Fall” is meant to speak onto the unpredictability of love. Specifically, Nelsin references the pain and dangers of falling in love with someone else, as you may have your heart broken many times without ever learning your lesson, hence “someone’s gonna fall”.

“Someone’s Gonna Fall” is an energetic yet emotional new single from dance/ electronic artist Nelsin Robert. While it is sure to get listeners up onto the dance floor, its deep and powerful message should not be lost. Altogether, “Someone’s Gonna Fall” is perhaps Nelsin Robert’s most promising work to date!

“Someone’s Gonna Fall” is AVAILABLE NOW on!

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