Natasha Phillips Gives Heart-Warming Performance on “God Of My Universe”
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Natasha Phillips Gives Heart-Warming Performance on “God Of My Universe”

Contemporary Christian artist Natasha Phillips is on a mission to spread Christianity around the world and to strengthen people’s relationship with God. Using her striking vocals and deep, genuine messages in each of her songs, Natasha Phillips has already inspired many listeners, and hopes to continue to inspire many more!

First learning to perform with church choirs, Natasha Phillips has always found music as a means of getting closer to God. In this way, she developed a passion for music from a very young age. After spending many years perfecting her amazing vocal capabilities, Natasha Phillips has set out on a mission to use her love of God and passion for music to spread Christian music throughout the world. With her debut single “I’ll Worship You” in 2015, Natasha Phillips was one step closer to living out her purpose. Gaining significant attention from fans and critics alike, she soon after released additional singles “Run to You” and “You Are Still God”. After rising to the top of the contemporary Christian music charts, Natasha Phillips is now one of the most exciting names in the industry.

In her latest single, “God of my Universe”, Natasha Phillips gives one of her most raw and heartfelt performances to date. Directly speaking to her own relationship with God, the emotion in her voice is palpable. In this moving song, Natasha Phillips lifts listeners up with voice and asks them to evaluate their own relationship with God. The result is a moving song that truly shows the special passion that makes Natasha Phillip’s music so powerful.

In every piece of music she makes, Natasha Phillips carries with her the passion and determination for the important mission she has chosen. With so much raw talent and emotion, Natasha Phillips is ready to bring Christian music to the world!

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