Mattnifacent – Count Me Out (Official Video)

Mattnifacent – Count Me Out (Official Video)

Mattinfacent also known as Koolguy3000 born Matt Daniels is an American Hip Hop artist from the south. His witty yet laid back wordplay allows him to spit charismatic rhymes on virtual any beat. Mattinfacent is a true star on the rise with real talent. Hip-Hop has a new son and his name is Mattinfacent.

Here is what Mattinfacent had to say about the music video for Count Me Out. “In this video it shows two guys having a conversation and my name is brought up (one of the guy has a few negative words to say about me). It then shows me arriving at the barbershop moments later where I’m told about the conversation. After I’m told about this conversation I begin to preform the song while sitting in the barbershop.”

Check it out!

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