Mark J – How You Feel (Official Music Video)

Mark J – How You Feel (Official Music Video)

Mark J pulled together for his brand new dubut single ‘How You Feel’. After the massive support of his rock music in the band Aerial, Markus is finally ready to launch his brand new solo career with his original track ‘How You Feel’ produced by US-based producer Austin Hull.

How You Feel is a complete R&B track with astonishing vocals that seamlessly fit on the energetic beat. The solid production combined with the vocals definitely makes this track comparable with the top of the game artist today. This track will ensure you to start singing along and wanting to hit that repeat button.

Mark about the production process of How You Feel: “How You Feel is a combination of a dark R&B production and trap that compliments the lyrics and meaning of the track. I met Austin through Facebook in 2017, and started throwing ideas back and forth which quickly led to “How You Feel” that we finished in the beginning of 2018. To me this song is extremely important, telling the story of someone seeking happiness in drugs and alcohol. I’m by no means against alcohol, but it’s more about showing how drowning your thoughts and unhappiness in alcohol won’t solve the problem. The song is more of a question to this lifestyle, asking how this really makes you feel. The initial idea for the track was created pretty quickly, but after that it took quite some time for me to record the vocals, music video etc. While working on this song we also worked on my upcoming EP that will be released very soon, so it’s definitely been a busy year. I’m really happy with the end result and can’t wait to get it out there!”

How You Feel was released independently by Mark J on February 8th 2019.

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