Madhertz Releases Music Video For “One of a Kind”, The First Chapter of The Madhertz Universe
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Madhertz Releases Music Video For “One of a Kind”, The First Chapter of The Madhertz Universe

Madhertz releases the official music video for “One of a Kind”, the first chapter of the Madhertz Universe featuring Lullabi, Rioux V, Scarlett & Eileen Jaime. The Madhertz Universe and “One of a Kind” is the result of a unique collaboration between artists across the globe, born out of the coronavirus pandemic. The collaboration was organized by Madhertz, who saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity for artists to come together and change the way that music is made.

Madhertz kicked off the collaboration by creating a beat, inspired by and trying to encapsulate the concepts of youthfulness, energy, futurism, and dystopia. After the initial beat was created, Lullabi, the talented Korean singer/songwriter took these same ideas and incapsulated them into lyrics. Rioux V, an American hip-hop artist, added his own verses into the song, followed by additional verses from Swedish singer/songwriter Scarlett and American artist Eileen Jamie. The resulting song was heavily influenced by the popular k-pop sound and incorporates elements from pop and hip-hop music, creating a truly unique blend of genres and influences.

With this digital work environment created, Madhertz believed that each character needs a digital persona to represent each artist’s influence. This concept was previously explored by other virtual musical groups, and Madhertz was no stranger to it. Each artist in the song has a digital persona assigned to it, and each character tells its own story. One of a Kind only marks the beginning of the story, where the characters introduce themselves to the world. In further releases, the listener will be able to find out more about each character and the universe they live in, only by listening to the subsequent musical acts. Therefore, rather than one singular interpretation, the song becomes something bigger than itself, it becomes part of a story, of a universe.

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