Leak and Juice – Mo Bands

Leak and Juice – Mo Bands

The up-and-coming hip-hop duo Leak and Juice is proud to announce the release of their latest single, “Mo Bands”. Produced by Carl Paul, this single features a hard hitting trap beat and impressive vocal performances from the duo. In addition to the release of this single, Leak and Juice have also released an accompanying full-length video, to help fans celebrate this new track!

Leak and Juice is comprised of two members, “Leak Money” and “Juice Escobar.” Juice is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. He met up with Leak after moving to Miami, which is Leak’s hometown. Since joining together, this young duo has spent the last three years making serious waves in the hip-hop industry with their hard-hitting releases and determined mentalities. As a result, they have already been signed to the Miami based independent record label Making Major Moves. In 2018, the duo debuted their first major project, which has since received major recognition.

Their latest release “Mo Bands” looks to continue building on this early success. The single is about always following three simple rules: get money, ignore haters, and have fun. This is exactly the message conveyed in the music video, where the duo travels to an Atlanta strip club for a wild and endless night. The video provides the perfect complement for the fast paced and energetic single. Leak and Juice use the track to show off their awesome lyrical flows and their fun-loving attitudes. Combined with an upbeat and bass heavy sound, the single is sure to get you onto your feet. It is the perfect anthem for any night out!

Hip-hop duo Leak and Juice continue to impress with their latest release, “Mo Bands”. This new single is a perfect example of the unique new music that these two artists are capable of creating. “Mo Bands” is sure to be a hit in the next few months, and it is certainly not the last we will hear from this young and energetic duo!

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