Kush King – Such A Good Feeling (AUDIO)

Kush King – Such A Good Feeling (AUDIO)

Kush King is a unique and amazing modern recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from New Jersey, Kush got his start as a DJ in New York City when he was only 18. He landed and kept weekly residencies at some of the most important clubs in the world, including Limelight, Tunnel, Duvet, Avalon, and Webster Hall. During that time, he began making beats, producing, rapping, and singing by teaching himself the necessary skills. This transformed him into a totally self-contained artist who now creates his music, lyrics, and productions on his own. His tracks have been played on Top 40 FM Stations in NYC, Houston, El Paso, NC, and AL. DJ Clue spun his record on Power 105 numerous times. He’s also been intervied live and freestyled on Lord Sear’s show on Shade 45. His latest track is called “Such A Good Feeling” and it exists in a genre of its own due to Kush’s independent ways. The song is ultra-smooth and has a deeply grooving beat that catches fire once Kush’s vocals are across the top. Call it “urban pop” if you like but no one out there sounds like this.

After living in Manhattan, Kush moved to Miami for three years and then moved to Los Angeles, where he launched a cannabis company. He is a master grower who produces the finest indoor OG Kush in California, if not the world. His plants produce so many crystals that they look like snowflakes and glisten like diamonds. Why do you think they call him Kush King? His mission is to light you up in every way possible. Catch that fire today.

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