Kerrigan Barry Is Not Your Mom In New Single “Hate Yourself”
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Kerrigan Barry Is Not Your Mom In New Single “Hate Yourself”

Kerrigan Barry is an up-and-coming pop artist and singer-songwriter. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Kerrigan Barry has a dynamic sound that often combines multiple musical influences into one track. In most of her discography to date, Barry has maintained a low key vibe and soft, expressive vocals characteristic of the singer-songwriter genre, mixed together with a homey country music feel

In previewing her latest single, “Hate Yourself”, releasing on September 2, 2022, it is clear that Kerrigan Barry has taken on more pop-rock influences for this track, bringing listeners an upbeat and energetic arrangement. With lyrics like “Last time I checked I’m not your mom” and “If life is a bitch, Then what’s that make you?“, Barry makes it clear that she isn’t putting up with any nonsense and shows us she can be much more than the soft spoken singer on her previous tracks.

Showing such a dynamic range over her first few releases, Kerrigan Barry is an exciting and unique artist that will surely keep listeners on their toes in the future.

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