Keed Tha Heater – MONEY (Music Video)

Keed Tha Heater – MONEY (Music Video)

“Money” is an exploration of that journey in some ways as it talks about riding the waves of life while working hard to attain your dreams. He said he ascribes to the old saying that opportunity favors the prepared person, and he knows this single will show his fans that he’s more than prepared to ride the waves of success that come from a hit single.

“This is a song that really displays the new school of what’s going on right now in hip-hop,” he said. “it’s a hype record and a party record, but it has substance to it. Everybody does what they have to do to get money and to feed their families and take care of business, and this song is basically a fun way to inspire people to put in the work that it takes to get money and not be a couch potato. I hope people will hear it and realize I’m really saying something and want to listen to more of my music.”

Appropriately, Keed said the idea for the song first came into his head while he was working. In fact, that’s where the majority of the ideas for his songs come from.

“Usually I’ll hear some kind of beat and it just rolls around in my head for awhile and ideas will come in my head while I’m working,” he said. “I’ll be writing verses in my head throughout the day. It’s kind of funny that I’m working to get money and writing while I’m working.”

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